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Linda Wandt

To contact me about purchasing an original piece, a custom fine art print, or to discuss a commission, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Commissions require a deposit upfront, and payment completed with delivery of work.


Statement & Bio

The majority of my paintings are portraiture or figurative, and are therefore about human psychology. I am interested in the subconscious and its role as a bridge between our inner worlds and the outside reality we are faced with, and the choices we make as a result. I enjoy manipulating the human form to express these concepts, as well as creating characters to paint, and dreaming up the narratives of their existences. I am obsessed with color and what its manipulation can achieve. My paintings of people examine more complex themes but I found a knack for painting animals after I made a humorous painting for my brother of a llama. I began receiving commissions for other non-human portraits, and I began playing with ways to give deeper meaning to my images of animals as I began experimenting with watercolor and pen as a medium.

The bee paintings have been a side obsession of mine since "Instinct vs Intellect" was completed in 2014. The series is a pointed statement about the current peril of bees, and I find a sense of meditative calmness in recreating the details of their intricate anatomy.

My pieces vary from indirect to direct painting. This keeps painting exciting and fresh for me. I have spent a great deal of time teaching myself to work in the style of the old masters, building thin transparent paint layers over a grisaille or verdaccio underpainting. While I adore the level of realism achievable in this style, I also really enjoy the immediacy and emotion of visible brush strokes. After a while of slowly built indirect portraits, which can take months to complete, I gotta have that chunky paint.

I currently have a studio at Pump Project, located at 702 Shady Lane, 78702. I've been showing art in Austin since 2007, and have been working various local markets and shows. My Show resume slowed in 2012 because I became utterly addicted to helping build large scale burnable art projects for and with the Burn Community. In 2014 I was the Build Manager for a large scale construction project that went to Burning Man. I work on two to three of these projects a year, while I've been studying the technical tools and aspects of oil painting in great detail. I really love vegetables.

I was born on Long Island, New York in 1981 and moved to Texas in 2000. I studied oil painting at the University of Texas at Austin, and obtained a BA in studio art in 2006. I am constantly reading technical manuals, creating color charts and learning as much as I can about oil painting. I teach private lessons and am available for group lectures on oil painting mediums and canvas stretching. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rates and availability.


Oct 2016 - 3 day Portrait Painting Workshop with David Kassan at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, San Antonio Tx

May - June 2016 Intermediate Figure Painting with Jennifer Balkin, Austin Tx

2006 B.A. Studio Art - University of Texas at Austin



April - Art City Austin, Palmer Events Center, Austin Tx

March - "The Female Form", Neofauve Gallery, Austin Tx


Nov - East Austin Studio Tour, Pump Project, Austin Tx

May - Raising Artists via Generous Art during West Austin Studio Tour, Austin, Tx

April - Sunset Valley ArtFest, Sunset Valley Tx

April -  Midtown Art in the Park, Houston Tx


Nov - East Austin Studio Tour, Pump Project

Oct - Georgetown Art Hop, Tx Statewide Juried Show

June - The Austonian, Austin Tx

July - Austin Visual Artists Association, Austin Art Space

Feb - Gallery 702 (Goodnight Gallery) Austin, Tx


May - Mindzai Monthly Showcase


April - Austin Pets Alive Benefit at Bay 6 Studios


Nov - East Austin Studio Tour, Home Studio

Phoenix Trades Depot, Austin Tx

May - Springboard at Pigoata Studios, Austin Tx

May - Teenage Wasteland at Co-lab, Austin TX


Jan-Sept - Through the Looking Glass Gallery, Georgetown Tx


Nov - East Austin Studio Tour at Bay 6

East Austin Art Gallery, Austin Tx

Feb - Up to Something, Bay 6 Studios, Austin Tx

Jan - Snarko!+Wandt Two Woman Show, Spiderhouse Ballroom, Austin Tx


Dec - Austin Figurative Gallery, USAA (Now Spiderhouse Ballroom) Austin, Tx

Dec - 12x12 Holiday Box Show at Miranda Pleasant Gallery, Austin Tx

Nov - East Austin Studio Tour, Pigoata Studios

May - Arthouse 5x7 Annual Benefit Show, Austin Tx


Abstract Figure Show, Austin Figurative Gallery

Self Portrait Show, Austin Figurative Gallery


Nov - East Austin Studio Tour at Pine Street Station 


Senior Studio Exhibit Juried Show, University of Texas at Austin, Creative Research Lab

Attachments, The New Gallery at The University of Texas at Austin (Two Woman Show)


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