My next upcoming show will be Ingrained, a group show at The Georgetown Art Center in July 2020. 

Ingrained features the art of myself, Alicia Philley, Aimeé Everett, Caroline Walker and Thomas Cook. While we all have very different work and topics that we explore, we are all working on unframed wood panels for this show, and allowing the grain to be a part of our stories. We are very excited and hope to be able to present professional video and stills of the show, or to be able to book viewings by appointment if we are unable to have an opening due to the pandemic. The show is scheduled to open July 24th. For this series, I am pushing my honey bee paintings on wood panel into larger more complex compositions exploring cycles, pollination and pollinators, and decay through carnivorous plant life. Below is an in progress shot of "Capensis Euphoria" 30 x 30'' Oil on wood panel. Most of these pieces will be named by the genus of what is depicted, to normalize the scientific names in a manner that combines them artistically. The Capensis here is the Sundew plant, and the beetle is an Emerald Euphoria, found out by Big Bend. The agave is just for fun. By playing with the scale of the natural forms, and combining unrelated plants, I can present them in a new and interesting way. See more on IG @Ingrained_ATX or on our website or FB.