After an amazing 6 years with the company I sold art supplies for, I finally decided it was time to dedicate myself fully to my art practice. That's right! I quit my day job. Selling supplies for so long gave me some really invaluable lessons, and I learned way more about materials then I did in art school! It's been two weeks today, and now that the panic portion is over, I've been really busy getting everything in place for some huge things - including a 30 x 60'' canvas I'm starting! I got a fancy tent and some grid wall, and I'm set to start doing art festivals. This is really exciting! I've got a little show of prints for sale over at Austin Pizza on William Cannon near Brodie Lane. It's a great opportunity to get a print already framed! April 11th I'm hanging work at Magnolia's on S Congress Ave.

Saturday April 9th - I'll be at Midtown Art in the Park in Houston, Tx

Saturday April 23rd - Sunset Valley ArtFest in Austin 9am-4pm

Saturday May 7th - I'm doing the Pancakes and Booze Show at Elysium again!